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Tue 10th May:2022

Road closure at Docks

Please note Harbour Road (from the junction by Richard Fruit & Veg, and Par Moor will be closed from  Monday 23rd May to Wednesday 25th May from 7pm to 6am daily.


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Wed 4th May:2022

Club Updates

Club Updates

There have been a few items of interest that are worth sharing with you at this time:

  • The executive Committee have recently secured a contract with Cornwall Defibrillators to instal and maintain a DeFib unit at the Harbour. It is likely to be mounted on the wall of the Pilots Office and will be available for emergency use by club members and an other user of the harbour complex. Training and awareness will be organised following installation
  • We Have also purchased a First Aid Kit and Burns Point, these are located within the sign in shed
  • All members are reminded that any correspondence relating to the boat club or any operations at Par Harbour should be directed through the committee. Individuals should not contact Imerys Managers or Agents without consulting the committee.
  • Although Covid rules have been further relaxed in recent weeks, we should still observe basic instructions. ie if you are suffering from Covid symptoms you should stay away from the harbour. Revised sign in procedure, ie bring your own pen etc, should continue at this time.
  • Members are reminded that up to date stickers should be displayed on both vehicle and boat, together with all persons entering the docks carrying their entry passes. Failure to do this may result in refusal of entry and use of the slipway.
  • Although we held several Saturday morning meetings recently for new members we are still holding several membership packs that have not been picked up. Your last chance to pick up your pack will be at the AGM. If we still have packs after that time, those memberships will be terminated, and any fees paid will be refunded.
  • Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine. The committee has voted unanimously to donate the sum of $5000 from club funds to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal


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Mon 10th Jan:2022

Club Passes

All members that have renewed their Club Membership for 2022 your passes will be available to collect from the pilots office on the following dates

Sat 15th Jan 09:00-10:00
Sat 22th Jan 09:00-10:00

Last Updated Mon 10th Jan:2022 @ 10:31 pm

Fri 3rd Sep:2021

Killyvarder Rock Starboard Navigation Mark

Killyvarder Rock Starboard Navigation Mark

Mariners are advised that the green starboard navigation mark on Killyvarder Rock
on the approach to Par Harbour has recently been hit by a motor cruiser, is no longer
upright and could potentially be underwater at high tide.

Mariners should navigate with caution in this area until repairs are undertaken. 

Last Updated Fri 3rd Sep:2021 @ 8:10 am

Sun 22nd Aug:2021

Boat Club update

Boat Club update

Both The Executive Committee and General committee met recently in order to plan the future operation of the club, following the relaxation of Covid 19 restrictions.

The main topic for discussion being the necessity to receive and process membership applications from existing members as well as new members of the club. Followed by issuing of passes and safety inductions for our new members. Historically, this has been successfully carried out at General Meetings held at the St Austell Brewery Visitor Centre. However, the recent restrictions on public gatherings and a significant increase of costs to hold a meeting, has led us to ask ourselves “Do we need to meet on a regular basis?” the reply from both committees was a unanimous NO, we do not. Excepting for the need of an Annual General Meeting.

Effective communication to and from the committee should be largely unaffected as we now have a Club Website and Facebook page as well as individual email addresses and telephone numbers for the Executive Committee members.  

The General Committee will meet every three months in order to maintain and operate the clubs’ functions and deal with any ongoing issues.

The following information is of great importance to you if you wish to renew your Boat Club membership for 2022.

  • Membership Application Meetings will be held at The Pilots Office from 10.00am to 1200 noon on the following dates:

Saturday 16th October

Saturday 20th November

Saturday 11th December

Saturday 8th January 2022

  • Membership fee is to be increased to £100 for renewal and £125 for new members. Non-Launching members will be increased from £1 to £2 per person.

  • Closing date for renewal will be 12.00 noon, 8th January 2022. After that time, remaining spaces will be issued to new members. There is a substantial list of people wishing to join the club, therefore, your chances of re-joining after the 8th January are low.

  • Renewed passes for 2022 will be available for collection from the Pilots Office between 10.00am and 12.00 noon on Saturday 8th January 2022.

A membership form accompanies this letter, you may wish to complete the form prior to arrival at one of the meetings listed above. You will, of course, need to bring an up to date passport size photo and your payment in the form of cash or cheque.

 Finally, The Executive and General Committees wish to thank all our members for adhering to the additional Covid rules implemented just over 12 months ago. This has enabled the club to continue to function, whereas many other sporting activities were seriously curtailed or ceased completely. We must thank Imerys Manager, Brian Curnow and his team, as well as our own committee for work carried out “behind the scenes” in order that our sporting activities may continue.

Should anyone have any concerns or suggestions please comment through the SABBC website or Facebook page.

Wishing everyone safe and enjoyable times on the water.

Rob Hancock (Secretary)

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