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Wed 24th Feb:2021


The Executive Committee wish to state that, during Lockdown 3, Recreational Angling is permitted as a form of daily exercise. Also, that the slipway and launching facilities remain open to our members. However, strict LOCKDOWN RULES remain in place, including the modified sign in procedures, our members must not jeopardise their own safety, the safety of Imerys staff or other workers at the Harbour during the remainder of the lockdown period. The amount of time spent at the harbour should be kept to a minimum and interaction between groups should be avoided.
Another consideration should be the protection of our Emergency Services. Whilst they remain fully operational and should be called upon in an emergency, simple precautions such as checking the quantity and condition of your fuel before launching, could be the difference between a good or disastrous day at sea.
Please stay safe and enjoy you boating.

The Executive.


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