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Tue 3 Oct:2023

New!  Weak Bridge over the Sluice Pond (3.5Tonne MGW)

Following further clarification from Imerys, and their kind offer to use their weighbridge, The Executive Committee has concluded the following actions for boat club members:

If you think the combined weight of your vehicle, boat and trailer is over 3.0 tonnes, please carry out the following procedure.

  • On your next visit to the harbour (with your boat), go over the weighbridge and note the combined weight of your vehicle, boat and trailer. You will observe your gross weight on the display screen through the weighbridge window, This gross weight should then be written in our signing in register, either under your name or within the “Department/Address” column.
  • When using the weighbridge, please give priority to Imerys or other commercial vehicles wishing to use it and obey any instruction given by Imerys Personnel.
  • Reflective waistcoats should be worn when at this location.
  • If your gross weight is over 3.5 tonnes, you should not go over the weak bridge, but gain access to and from the slipway via the access road to the north of the sluice pond.
  • If your gross weight is under 3.5 tonnes, you should proceed over the weak bridge and access the slip in the normal way.
  • This Procedure is only required on one occasion unless your gross weight increases/decreases.
  • Please notify the committee through the FB page of any difficulties or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter - The Executive.

Last Updated Tue 3 Oct:2023 @ 7:15 pm

Tue 19 Sep:2023

New!  2024 Membership

Please note that application for NEW members will not be accepted in 2024 as we have reached the maximum membership numbers.

Please keep an eye on the website for details of 2025 applications nearer the time.

Last Updated Tue 19 Sep:2023 @ 7:48 pm

Tue 9 Jan:2024

New!  Pass Collection


A reminder for all members that their membership passes will be available for collection on Tuesday 9th January 2024 at St Austell Brewery Visitor Center after the 7.30 meeting.

Please remember your pass will not ge issued until you have completed the Health and Safety refresher this will follow the club meeting.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Last Updated Tue 2 Jan:2024 @ 8:46 pm

Tue 21 Nov:2023

New!  Membership Renewal

Can I inform you that the opportunity to renew your boat club membership for 2024 has now passed. The last opportunity to do this was last Saturday at the Pilots Office.

We have given members several dates for membership renewals to be handed in at either the meeting that was held at St Austell Brewery on 10th October along with two further dates at the Harbour Pilots Office (4th & 18th November). Notification of these meetings had been posted on the Website, Facebook and in the Booking in shed on the Harbour.

If you have not already submitted your forms then your Current membership will run until 31st December 2023 after which time you will no longer be a member of this club. This means you will no longer be able to launch and recover at Par Harbour after that date.

May I remind you that it is your responsibility to renew.

As a final act of good faith the Executive Committee have agreed that if you download a form, enclose photo and payment and post to 15A Southpark Road, PL24 2PU we will accept and produce your membership. You have until Saturday 9th December to complete

This is the last year this will happen. Next year the renewal dates must be adhered to.

Last Updated Tue 21 Nov:2023 @ 6:24 am

Mon 6 Nov:2023


We will be at the Pilots Office on Saturday 18th November from 10am to 11am to receive Membership Renewal Forms for 2024. There will not be any further opportunities to hand in your Renewal Forms so please submit them on that date. Forms can be downloaded beforehand from the Website and fees can be paid by Bank Transfer (quoting your membership number), cash or cheque.

Any member who has not renewed by December 31st 2023 will lose their right to membership and have to reapply, with no guarantee of being accepted.

Last Updated Mon 6 Nov:2023 @ 5:29 pm

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